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My Child Has Autism Cards (100)

My Child Has Autism Cards (100)
My Child's Behavior May Be Disturbing To You.
My Child Is Not Spoiled or Misbehaving.

Almost 2 million children in the US are affected with Autism.
With the CDC now reporting that 1 in 68 children have Autism, someone you know probably has Autism in their family.

Thank You for Your Support & Understanding, and for Being a Friend to a Family with Autism.

Autism Is a Devastating Biological and Neurological Disorder that Can Affect Individuals in Different Areas:
1. Troubles with Communication (both verbal and non-verbal, including the possibility of no speech, or appearing deaf)
2. Social and Learning Skills (unable to understand social cues and situations, including waiting in line, or unplanned changes)
3. Strange or Odd Behaviors (such as tantrums, hand flapping, repetitive sounds, yelling out, or obsessive behaviors)
4. Sensory Issues (for example hypersensitive hearing and vision, or aversion to being touched)
5. Medical Problems (including severe headaches, gastro-intestinal problems, severe food allergies and many others)

For information on how you can help families with autism
Please visit www.tacanow.org
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